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SMI's™ Vacuum-Assisted Braking System makes towing a vehicle safer and easier with state of the art braking products. There are many braking systems available today, but as you navigate through our site we are sure you will see the difference SMI makes.

SMI is the only dual-sensing, vacuum-based system. By using the car's own power brakes, pedal pressure is reduced to only 10 pounds in normal stopping.

Our Vacuum-Assisted Braking Systems are more efficient, easier to install, and costs less than other braking systems!

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Number One For A Reason

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Air Force One is truly an advance in towed-vehicle braking technology: proportionate, progressive, gentle, user friendly, and fits every towed vehicle with no modifications. Designed for diesel motor homes, AFO is the smallest, most effective braking system available. Follow the link below for more information.

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Stay-IN-Play Duo

Number one choice for gas powered rigs. The Stay-IN-Play DUO supplemental-braking system is installed so there is no set up required for towing your vehicle. To get ready to tow you simply turn it on; that’s all. Turn it on... and tow. The DUO energizes the towed vehicles power brakes so it is gentle and consistent.
It’s easy to see why Stay-IN-Play DUO is the number one choice.

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